Hayley’s Birth

Hayley, For the past year, since you were born, I have spent so much time documenting your life. I have taken thousands of pictures, hundred of videos, updated your baby book, and journal (in great detail) every month of your life so that could hold onto the memories of your baby-hood forever. This is such a special time in your life (your first year….birth, milestones, and countless firsts) and mine, as I became a mother and grow in mommy-hood. My next few blog posts will be all of the journal entries that I have written over the past year (that I have transferred from written to typed) along with added pictures. “Letters to Hayley” Your Birth After 9 months of carrying you, the day had finally come! It was a Monday afternoon, the day before your due date (4/8/13) and I had been naturally trying to induce labor by walking. I decided that instead of walking my usual 30 minutes, that I was going to walk for an hour to try and move things along. As I was getting off of the treadmill, your daddy was getting home from work (about 5:30). An hour later, I began having contraction. Your dad cooked us dinner and I tried laying down, drinking water and taking a hot bath to figure out if it was false labor or the real thing. Sure enough…it was real! My contractions began to gradually get stronger and closer together. We called the hospital and they told me that my contractions need to be 3-4 minutes apart before we came to the hospital so we stayed home until about 1 o’clock in the morning and I couldn’t stand the pain anymore! After checking into the hospital I finally got an epidural at 3:30 am. When I went into labor I called our friends and your grandparents and they began to get to the hospital around 5 am. Nan drove from Jackson, MS; Gappy and Grandma; Grammie and PawPaw; Aunt Cait Cait; Kristin; Mrs. Janet; Mrs. Annette; Mrs. Linda….they all came by before you were born. Finally, after 15 hours of labor (9 without an epidural…OUCH!) it was time to have you! We were so anxious and excited to meet you and to find out if you were a boy or a girl! We decided not to find out what we were having when I was pregnant and it was so much fun trying to guess when we were having- looking at my cravings and symptoms and compare them to what the old wives tales say (I craved a lot of sweets, which means girl!) 1 Hayleys Birth (2) 1 Hayleys Birth (3) 1 Hayleys Birth (1)

I was finally dilated to 10 cm and my doctor (Dr. Kerry Tynes) came in and had to break my water. Then it was time to start pushing! I pushed through 3 series of contractions (about 10 minutes) and then you were here!!! The doctor held you up and at first I thought you were a boy! In my defense, I was worn out and the umbilical cord was in the way). She said “No! it’s a GIRL!!!” Your daddy and I were so excited and we both cried tears of joy! I got to hold you while your daddy cut the umbilical cord, and then they cleaned you up. We were on could 9 with our new daughter! You were such a beautiful baby! You weighed 7 pounds and 14 ounces and had a head full of brown hair and beautiful blue eyes! As soon as you were cleaned up, I breastfed you for the first time. You had no problem latching on, you did great! Then we had Kristin come in and take pictures and, since all of your grandparents and our friends still didn’t know if you were a boy or girl, capture their reaction as they came into the room and met you, their granddaughter, for the first time (their first grandchild). Nana was the first to walk in and see the pink hat we put on your head. She shouted “It’s a girl!” Everyone cried and couldn’t wait to hold you! After you were born all of our friends came to the hospital over the next two days. We stayed in the hospital for the next two nights. The nurses came in to check on you every couple of hours. In the hospital you breastfed every two hours or so, although sometimes you were too sleepy to eat and it was hard to get you to latch on.

Hayleys Birth (3) Hayleys Birth (2) Hayleys Birth (4) Hayleys Birth 1 (3) Hayleys Birth (5) Hayleys Birth 1 (4) Hayleys Birth 1 (5) Hayleys Birth 1 (7) Hayleys Birth 1 (6) Hayleys Birth 1 (8)

The last night that we were in the hospital, there were so many people that came in to have babies (went into labor) that they had to move us out of our room and into another wing of the hospital, just so other babies could be born. On Thursday, April 11, about mid-morning, we were finally released to go home! We dressed you in a pretty pink smocked dress with white booties and a big white bow. We strapped you in the car seat and nervously drove you home! When we pulled in the driveway there was a wooden cut out stork in the yard (from Grammie and PawPaw) the said “It’s a Girl!” with your name, date of birth and measurements. We took you inside and let you meet Dixie, our dog, and show you your new home! Welcome home Hayley!






7-18-13 Megans Iphone pics 071

Welcome to the world little one. I love you!


Bowdon Blessings Blog

To my dearest family,

After documenting our lives as a family of three in a journal for the past year, I have decided to transition to a blog. I am making the switch to an online journal in attempt to write faster (a mom’s time is limited), more often, and to use journaling, along with pictures, to document our amazing and blessed family.

Bill and Hayley: You two are my life. I do not know how I existed before y’all came along. Every space in my heart is filled with love for you two. I never knew that there was such a love to give to my husband, and I never knew the capacity of love that I would have for a child. It is earth shattering, mountain moving kind of love and I am so blessed that the Lord allowed this love for me. You both not only make me happy, but y’all bring so much JOY to my life!

This blog is meant to capture memories that we share, to be able to relive our adventures, for me to share scriptures, quotes and tid-bits of advice, and to serve as a place for us to look back on, from time to time, and realize that through good and bad times…we, the Bowdons, are, above all else, BLESSED!

With all of my heart…I love you,


Bowdon Blessings