Life Lately

My little Hayley Bug

Just a little update about life in the Bowdon house….

You are doing so much better in Mother’s Day Out. We are only taking you for half days right now, two days a week, and I pick you up before nap time. On Monday, you didn’t cry one time! ONE TIME! I dropped you blew me a kiss, and had a fun day playing and learning at MDO! Thank the Lord for answered prayers! Now if we can just get you to not cry at Sunday school than we will be in good shape.

You started gymnastics and you have so much fun! You are the youngest in the class, so you haven’t been able to do as much as some of the others in the class, but you are having a blast and that’s all that matters to me!

I am in the thick of starting up my children’s clothing company. Starting a business in difficult to say the least, and I am learning how to balance a company and a toddler. I don’t know if I always do it right, but I guarantee you that you and your Dada will always come first and I will always meet your needs before anything else. I am very excited and nervous for this new venture!

Dada is busy getting his new project at work up and going and he works so hard for you and I, and I am always so thankful for that. He is such an amazing and selfless man, and you should be proud to call him your Dada. I am proud to be his wife!

I love you very very very much!



Words to live by: A lesson in Faith

Faith…what is it? Its a hard question. Most intangible things are hard to define. Is it a belief? Where does it come from? How do you get it? Can you loose it? Where does it go? Faith can be a tricky thing…if you let it.

The older I get, the more faith I have. Why is that? Age? Maturity? A better understanding of the world? Having children? Maybe it is a combination of all of those things, but I am realizing that faith is a necessity, and not just a passing thought on Sunday mornings.

“Faith is not knowing what the future holds, but knowing WHO holds the future.” Such a simple phrase, but an oh so powerful one. When life gets confusing, when we get busy and forget to seek the Lords guidance, or try to control situations that are out of our control, we loose a little faith, or should I say, forget to exercise our faith. And it is just that, and exercise that we have to treat as a muscle and continually work at it to make it stronger. and the stronger our faith is, the happier we will be. We will have less worry, stress and anxiety in situations that we cannot control. “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding” Proverbs 3:5

“There is faith in the absence of control” There will be countless times in your life that you will be contused or have big decisions to make and you will not know what to do. But rest assured, the Lord will light a path for you. He has set out before you to create a wonderful and prosperous life for you, and if you seek him, he will guide the way. Although the unknown can be scary, the unknown without faith is terrifying. Knowing that the Lord has a plan is a huge comfort though confusion, heartache and difficulty.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you for my faith, and I pray that you will help me and my family grow in it. Help us to lean on you and seek your guidance in ALL situations, and not try and make our way though our day without your help. Help us to surrender ourselves and our ego to you, and allow us to be still, know you are God, listen to you and live our life by your words and direction. When we slip, Lord helps us to seek you again. Thank you for your continued love even when we do not live out our faith in the ways we know we should. Lord please continue to keep my family safe, happy and healthy. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

Mother’s Day Out Milestone

Today is the day…the day my little baby who has been at home with me almost every day to start Mother’s Day Out. I know, I know…its Mother’s Day Out, it isn’t daycare, school, or sleep away camp, but for this stay at home mommy, it is HUGE! So huge that your daddy and I spent months, week and days leading up to today discussing this day and trying to decide when this would be right for you and what place would be the best for you. Putting you in Mother’s Day Out feels like you are getting so big and that you are not my baby girl anymore. We finally decided the Airline Baptist Church Mother’s Day Out would be best for you. I cried and stressed over this yesterday. You don’t do well when we take you to the nursery at church and I knew that today would be just as hard on you (and me…it is so hard to leave you upset). I spent a lot of time in prayer about today asking the Lord to make this day easy for you and for you to have a great time. Last night, I feel asleep praying for you (much like every other night) and I dreamed that I took you to your first day of MDO and you didn’t even cry. I woke up hoping this was a good sign, but not the most probable outcome since you do have separation anxiety from me.

But I put on a brave face, we loaded in the car and headed to Mother’s Day Out. Aunt Cait Cait was able to get you into Conly Rose’s class, so they met us in the parking lot and we walked you both in. (Conly Rose has been going to Airline’s MDO for quite a while, so I was so glad that you two would be together.) Right when I brought you into your room you began to cry. HEART BREAKING!!! You cried as I handed you over and I cried as I walked down the hallway and went and set in my car and cried some more. Aunt Cait Cait was texting your teachers and after about 30 minutes to an hour they text and said you cried some but were all better and sent us a picture of you playing and happy. This made me so happy! It was a huge relief that you were having a good time. I went to the grocery store (because you are not crazy about going with me) and then I went back to pick you up. I only left you for half a day for your first day so that I could ease you into it. When I went to pick you up you were playing so good and I said your name several times and you were so focused on playing that you never knew I was there. When you saw me you smiled and ran over to me with the book you were reading. I am SO glad that you had such a good time and I hope that you continue to improve there. The reason we wanted to start you in Mother’s Day Out is that you love to play with other children that we wanted to give you an outlet for that. We also want you to begin to have confidence away from us being there. They also do little lessons and centers that will help in your learning of numbers and letters.

On a side note, after I dropped you off, I went to get coffee at Starbucks and the person in front of me in the drive thru paid for me coffee. I had been crying just a few minutes before and this put a huge smile on my face. Someone else’s generosity was so nice and it changed me day. Because it was so nice, I paid it forward and paid for the person behind me. I want you to know that your actions and compassion for others can change their day/ week/ or even their life. Our loving and giving actions can have huge ripple effects and it is something that the Lord commands us to do. ” The King will reply, Truly I tell you, whatever you do for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you do for me.” Matthew 25:40. As a Christian, it is your job to spread love and compassion to everyone, in every way, every day.

My baby girl you will always be,