The end of summer

My sweet little Hayley Bug,

Summer is coming to an end (although there are no fall like temperatures in sight outside) and I just wanted to post some pictures of what you have been up to lately. You are developing and coming into your own personality more and more every day. You are smart, strong willed, excited, happy and you love to give hugs and kisses. You are more and more active and are climbing up on all of the chairs and furniture, and you have battle wounds to show your new active ways. Last week, you busted your lip TWICE in two days! One day to top, and the next day, the bottom. Thank darn Tonka Truck! And yes, you are a little girl that loves your truck! It is one of your favorite words. “A Tuck! A Tuck! It’s A Tuck!” you are always shouting from the back seat. I love it! You little voice is the most precious sound to me! Your other favorite words are Momma, Dada, Hayley, Dixie, Poppa (PawPaw), Outside and Uh Huh (for yes).

Here are some pictures of life lately.

PawPaw made you a  kitchen helper and you have been helping me cook. You love to lick the spoon when we make a sweet treat!

photo 33

photo 32

You are climbing on EVERYTHING!!!

photo 31

photo 23

You LOVE babies! You hold them, love them, kiss this them, rock them, and even try and give them your passy and sippy cups. It is the SWEETEST!

photo 27

You are loving gymnastics! It makes me smile to see you there having fun while trying new things.

photo 30

photo 29

You have loved helping me pick tomatoes in the garden all summer….and eating them too! I pray you always love to garden with me. We just planted our fall garden.

photo 26

You love to play kitchen. Every night you want me to come in your room and play kitchen with you.  I hope you will love to cook with me.

photo 25

I am in the middle of starting up “High Cotton Closet.” I have gotten some samples back and you have been the best little model. Which is great, because this company was inspired by you!

photo 24 photo 10 photo 9

You have so much fun playing with your friends, especially Conly Rose! We just celebrated her turning two at her ballerina birthday party.

photo 22 photo 21 photo 20 photo 19 photo 18 photo 17 photo 12 photo 11

You also love to play with Dixie, although I don’t think the feeling is exactly mutual with your puppy. Every morning when you walk out of your room you yell “Dixie!, Dixie!” and look for her.

photo 16

You are a Daddy’s girl! Everyone and everything is “Dadda!” You light up when he comes into the room.

photo 15 photo 8

Gappy and Grandma are building a new house so we have been going out to the construction site to let you play. You even got to put your footprints in the concrete. You also like to walk to the pond across the street from their house and look for the ducks!

photo 14 photo 13

You had your 17 month check up and you are perfectly healthy! I thank the Lord every day for a healthy baby!

photo 28

I got a seat for the back of my bicycle for you to ride on and you LOVE it! You have so much fun riding on the bike!

photo 6

Summer fun with popsicles in your diaper outside. Cutie!

photo 5 photo 4

Mommy and Daddy had a date night to go see our favorite singer, Eric Church, in concert.

photo 3

Your such a silly girl! And so much fun!

photo 2

And you love trucks 🙂

photo 1

I love you more than this whole wide world!