Halloween and Thanksgiving

Hayley Bug,

Halloween and Thanksgiving have just passed and we have jumped into the Christmas season full force! We have decorated the whole house, got a beautiful Christmas tree from the tree stand, are reding Christmas books every night (I bought you a Christmas book for each day of December, wrapped them, and you open one every night at bed time to read before you go to sleep….so fun!), and you are playing with your nativity scene all the time! You even love our life size Santa that we have in the living room! You give him hugs and kisses…I just hope you like the real Santa when we take you to go sit on his lap!

But before we get too far into Christmas, I want to post about your Halloween and Thanksgiving this year. For Halloween, you were a lady bug (because we call you Hayley Bug). You were the cutest lady bug that ever was! I made your costume hours before we went trick or treating (procrastination at its finest…but I blame the morning sickness from Baby B). We went to the William’s house and we brought the side-by-side, a trailer and took you and the kids on a hayride through their neighborhood to trick-or-treat. You loved trick-or-treating! But after the first house, you had candy in your bucket and you thought that was it. Ha! We had  to show you that you can keep going to more houses and get more candy. You quickly got the hang of it. You wanted to eat all of the candy! And you pitched a fit when we wouldn’t let you 🙁 But You had a BLAST!

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For Thanksgiving, we went and styed at Nana’s house in Jackson. We went our to Papaw and MaJean’s for Thanksgiving lunch. You were acting not like yourself Thanksgiving morning but we went anyway. Yu didn’t eat any food for lunch, which I knew something had to be wrong because it was DELICIOUS! You were running a low fever so we put you down for a nap. When you woke up, your fever was worse, so we decided to leave and take you back to Nana’s house. Your fever kept getting higher and medicine wasn’t helping very much. It finally reached 103.7 at your bedtime and I was scared to put you down to sleep being so sick, so we took you to the emergency room. We went straight back and they tested you for several different things and gave you an IV. When they were giving you the IV, you cried, I cried,….it was just a bad experience for all of us! But they gave you fluid and medicine through the IV and sent us home. That night it was so hard for you to relax and go to sleep so you got to sleep with us in our bed. 🙂

You didn’t sleep long, so we got up really early and drove back home, but you slept in the car some of the way. A couple of days later you were fever free and back to your normal self and I was so grateful! It breaks my heart when you are sick and I just want to take the pain away from you!

I love you sweet pea and I am so excited for all of the fun things we have planned for Christmas!

I love you more than anything in the world!