Happy Birthday Bill!

Happy 34th birthday Bill! You are officially in your mid-thirties! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and felt how much we all love you! We are so thankful for you and all that you do for our family! You are the backbone of our family, the foundation in which we survive. You are the most amazing husband and father! We are so thankful that we have you and that you care about us all so much. On your birthday we celebrate you…wonderful, amazing, loving, dedicated, fun, successful you!

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We celebrated with a date night to dinner at superior, a Sunday at your parents swimming, eating delicious food, key lime pie birthday desert, and presents, and with homemade chicken parmesan on your actual birthday with me, Hayley and Will….and of course with more presents! Hayley even made you a birthday banner!

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I am so thankful for your 34 years, and the 6 years I have known you. I pray for many many many more years! I love you so much!

Happy Birthday!


This crazy, messy life

Being a stay at home mommy is not always glamorous. Things get messy…very messy, and not to mention crazy! I love for things to be neat and organized, I always have. I have always been very particular about my house and the space around me to be very clean and tidy. Everything had its place, looking all pristine, even behind a cabinet or closet door. But having kids changed all of that for me, and that has been a challenge. Kids come with a lot of stuff, and most of the time that stuff is strewn all over the house. I pick things up multiple times a day, put toys away, empty and reorganize diaper bags after they are disheveled after one quick trip, cleaning up crumbs and remainders of snack out of the car seat, finding and cleaning endless sippy cups, and the laundry…oh the laundry! And all of these things are multiplied with two kids. My house was once a beautiful interior designer’s showcase, and it now looks more like a daycare center.

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But as I sit here with no make-up and messy hair, looking at my living room after the 10th time hurricane Hayley has hit it today, I can’t help but be happy. More like joyful. And even blessed. And thankful. I guess all of these things rolled into one. I am thankful that we can afford all of these toys for you to play with, and the clothes you have. Thankful for the little artistic messes made by the playdoh Picasso, and the most beautiful crayon rendition of Mickey Mouse. I am filled with joy to watch you pull out all of toys and discover each one all over again every day. I am so happy to watch your imagination run wild, like it only can with the innocence of a child. And mostly, my heart could explode with the happiness that God gave me healthy children who are able to do all of these things. I sing for joy at the works of His hands. I sing His praises for all of the blessings he has given me, and two of the greatest ones that made my life messy. I am so blessed by this mess and I wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world.


I love your two more than anything in this world.



Hayley-isms and life lately

A few Hayley-isms:

Just out of the blue one day you stopped and said “Mommy, I like you. You are so precious.” Melted my heart!

Any time I tell you that we are going to someone’s birthday party you get SO excited and say “yay!!!! It’s my birthday!!!” Haha! When it was Daddy’s birthday, you walked around for a week saying “Happy Birthday to ME!!!!”

You are very scared of bugs and every time one is around you get really upset, run away and want me to hold you. We always tell you “Hayley it’s just a bug, don’t freak out.” And one day you were eating in your high chair and you saw a tiny nat and you said “a bug! I’m freakin out!” Haha!!! We thought it was the funniest thing ever!

Life lately:

It has been a very busy summer for you! All summer long you have been in swim lessons several days a week (more than just your usual once a week lesson). We have been diligently working with you to teach you to swim since you are around pools so much and all of that hard work has paid off! You are swimming so great! We go and swim a lot at Grammie and PawPaw’s. You love to run and jump in the pool over and over and over again. When you jump in you can kick yourself all the way to the surface and then we grab you, turn you around, and you swim back to the wall, pull yourself out and do it all over again. You and also swim about a 6-8 foot distance all by yourself! You haven’t mastered coming up for air on your own yet but you will be doing it by yourself in no time! You continue to amaze me every day and I am so proud of you!

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You also just started dance class! You have only been a couple of times but you love it. Even before your first class you were begging to go to your “dance cwass.” Usually you will be going back to your class by yourself but for your first lesson, they wanted parents to come back with you to make sure you were comfortable and didn’t cry. I went back and with you and you were such a big girl! You never got scared and went straight out in the dance floor with everyone. Although you didn’t dance much, you mostly stood around and watched other people (you are an observer and I love that about you). But you warmed up toward the end and your teacher said you have danced the other times we have taken you. I really hope that you love to dance, wether it is in a class, at home, with friends, or wherever. I want this class to build your confidence so that you are never afraid to get up, dance and have a great time!

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You are growing up in a blink of an eye! Learning to swim, dance class and now big girl panties! That’s right…we potty trained you!! We spent about a week training you and you did awesome! You are so smart you picked up on it pretty quickly. I put your little potty chair in the living room so it would be close by and put your “potty chart” on the wall next to it. Every time you TT’ed in the potty, you got to put a sticker on your chart and when you pooped you got a stick AND got to pick out a prize (I have a dollar store stash of prizes). The first day I kept you completely naked. I kept trying to set you on the potty every 15 minutes and you were fighting me on it. During that time I sat down to nurse Will and I look over and you were sitting on the potty and you said “mommy I TT” and you did…all by yourself! You really caught in quick, with a few setbacks and accidents, especially when we went from being naked to wearing panties, but all and all you have done awesome! Like I said before, you continue to amaze me every day and I am so very proud of you. Now, I don’t even have to ask you if you need to go. You automatically tell me and it has only been two weeks since we started. You have this potty training thing down!

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You started a new year in Mother’s Day Out and you moved up class rooms. Your teachers are very sweet and you love to go and play with your friends. I am so proud of the way you walk in every day, go straight to sit down and don’t fuss or cry. I was so shy my whole childhood and I am so glad that you are not. Yes, you have your bashful moments, but you warm up quickly and thrive in new situations. It makes me so happy! YOU make me so happy!


You are the sweetest and most spirited little girl I know! You have such a fun personality and I love to see it develop every day! You LOVE to have a good time and your excitement for life is inspirational to me. You love to be silly and you ALWAYS make us laugh. You are a sensitive soul and have a beautifully tender heart. You bring so much love and joy into our lives and we thank God that he chose you to be ours!

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I love you more than you will ever possibly know.


PS- you LOVE “your” iPad. It is your favorite thing to do…watch shows, play games, and “paint” on it. I try and limit our time on it because I think moderation in all things is a good thing but your seem to always disagree. You pitch fits and get really upset when I tell you to put it away. You get so mad but you will thank me one day that I didn’t let you sit behind a screen all the time and forced you to use your imagination and play. 😉


Will- Two Months (7/23/15)

My dearest Will,

Wow time is Flying!!!! You are growing so fast!! Every time I look up you have grown more! I thank the Lord you are such a healthy, growing boy! And you are getting so strong too. You are holding your head up more and more! You love to be up on my shoulder and hold your head up and look around. You can only do if for a few seconds or minutes at a time, but you love it and you look around, taking in the world around you! I am so excited for you to explore what all else this world has to offer you!

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You are still the most handsome little baby boy that there ever was! And when I thought you couldn’t get any cuter, you started to smile and I just melted into a puddle!!! It is the most precious feeling to see my babies smile! One night your daddy was holding you and we were talking to you and you smiled from ear to ear, the biggest smile, and it was glorious!!! We laughed and smiled at you and got you to do it over and over again. It warmed our hearts and made us so excited! And you haven’t stopped smiling since! You are a happy boy!

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You have started sleeping less during the day but you have started sleeping ALL NIGHT!!! Praise the Lord!!! We will put you to be about 10 or 11 and you will sleep until 6 or 7 in the morning! It’s great! I hope that you continue to do it! Your sister did it for a while but at 3 and a half months stopped and didn’t sleep through the the night again until 11 months. Please please please don’t do that!!! I am begging you! I’ll give you anything you want 😉 Ha!!! But for right now you sleep, and I love it. And we also put you in your own crib and you have done awesome! We still sleep you on your little pillow to keep you upright because of your reflux and you sleep great. We still keep you swaddled in your swaddle pod while you sleep. You fight it at first, but I think you like it and feel secure and it helps you sleep.

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You are also becoming more aware of people and voices. You still love to be held and walked around, but you will let us put you in the swing and lay you on your activity mat and you will lay there and swat at the toys. You are such a good baby! You have even gone to church with us a couple of times and have done great! You run errands with me and you are good as long as you are in the baby wrap next to me, but I love that you love to be close to your momma!

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I love you baby boy!

Big Sister Hayley

My little firecracker Hayley,

I want you to know that I am SO proud of you! The past two months have not been so easy for you. You have had your life as you know it somewhat turned upside down with the arrival of your new baby brother and you have handled it so good! Once all of our time, attention and affection was all focused on you. But since Will has come along, you have had to share all of that, which I know cannot be easy. Since I am nursing him, so much of my time is spent doing that. I can no longer be at your beck and call every second and you have handled it well. You have had your days that you act out to get my attention, or tell me to put him down to play with you. It is not easy to find that balance but I promise you I am trying my best! There is a part of my heart that is sad because I worry that you feel sad and left out. You are my first born, the one who taught me to be a mommy, and a part of my heart breaks every time I see disappointment from you that I cannot put baby Will down every time you want me to. I love you SO SO SO very much and I pray that in time you will understand that I am doing everything I know how to do to make you feel equally as loved and cherished as you were before Will came along because I do love and cherish you just as much (and more)! It is a daily heartbreak to see the disappointment on your face when I have to divide my time and I exhaust myself to give you both 100% of me. I pray for knowledge about how to balance my time between you and your brother and for Him to continue to shape me into the best mother I can be for you and Will. I promise you that I will forever and always go to the ends of the earth to never disappoint you two.

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Watching you become a big sister to Will has been one of the  greatest joys I have. Although you don’t care to hold him or be all over him (which I am learning can be a good thing), you do love him and I can see that. You have such a tender heart and you show such great concern when he is crying and upset. You love to help me with him (give him a bath, give him a bottle when I am not nursing him, give him his paci, and bring me things I need). I am so excited to watch the love between you two grow and watch God knit a special bond between you two.

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I couldn’t be more proud of you,