15 Reasons Why I Love You…

Boo Bear,

As you know I just completed a Bible study on the book “What Is It Like To Be Married To Me?” Every week we had homework (our marriage purpose statement, reasons why we love our husbands, etc.) I know I tell you that I love you every single day, but I don’t always express why, so here is my list of 15 reasons why I love you so…

1. Our connection-we have an unspoken bond and we love being with each other.

2. His devotion- to me and our kids. To love us and take care of us.

3. His determination- hard worker, businessman, business owner, risk taker

4. I have fun with him- we love to go on dates and trips with each other and we enjoy each other’s company.

5. He is sexy

6. His thoughtfulness- he is thoughtful in his giving

7. His love for me- I know without a doubt that he loves me with his whole heart

8. His love for our family and children. He is a devoted father, son and son in law

9. His honesty- he is honest about everything. He will tell you the truth wether you like it or not.

10. His integrity- he never compromises his beliefs for anyone or anything. He doesn’t care if it is the popular opinion or not.

11. His health- he is determined to be physically fit and healthy so that he can give his best self to us.

12. His faith- his faith in the Lord and that he is the spiritual leader of our house

13. That we have so much in common- we love to do things together, not because we have to but because we want to…cooking, exercising, traveling, family time, etc.

14. That he fills in my gaps- he completes me in places I am lacking- ex. He is a risk taker, I am not. He is practical when I am not. Etc

15. His sense of humor. He can always make me laugh.

Although I have only listed 15 reasons why I love you, there are so many more. There are so many amazing memories we have made, with us in sync, our inside jokes, etc that makes me fall in love with you even more every day.


“Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.”


Will- Three Months (8/23/15)

To my big boy!

You are just growing like a weed! (A chubby cheeked, chunky legged weed ). You are getting so big so fast! At 3 months old you are already outgrowing all of your size 3 month clothes and moving into size 6 months! You are so big and tall that most people think you are older than you are. It must be all that hair! Every where we go people always comment on how much hair you have. But you are starting to loose that beautiful hair!!!! Ahhhhh! It is heartbreaking! But regardless of that, you are just such a beautiful baby! I am one proud momma!

image image

image image image

Sleep was pretty rocky this month. You stopped sleeping them rough the night for about two weeks (which I prayed you would not do!) but we finally got you back on track, sleeping all night until about 6 or 7 in the morning! Thank God!

image image image

You took your first road trip this month! We went to Nana’s house in Mississippi. You did so well in the car!    We stopped once going there and coming back to feed you and let Hayley potty (still rocky with the potty training). We only went for one night but we wanted to take you to meet my grandparents (Papaw and MaJean, your great grandparents) and my aunts, uncles and cousins.  So we went out to my grandparents to eat dinner and visit with everyone. All of my aunts doted all over you and couldn’t wait for their turn to hold you. Papaw even got a chance to hold you. Everyone loves you so much!

image image image

Although you do cry a lot (you can be a bit of a cry baby, but I think it’s mostly colic) you are such a happy baby! You love to smile and coo all day! You are starting to develop the cutest and sweetest personality! I could sit all day and watch you smile

imageimage image image image image image

This past month hasn’t been the easiest! I got VERY sick a few weeks ago and I could hardly take care of you and Hayley. I had a high fever, bad body aches, chills, and a migraine. I h I was so sick for about 4 or 5 days that I couldn’t hardly get out of bed or do anything. THANK GOD for your dad and Grammie! They had to help me out so much, mostly with Hayley since I am nursing you. I haven’t been sick in years, and it was so rough to get so sick with a new baby and an energetic two year old. But thankfully you have an amazing daddy and grandparents, we made it through!

I have also been worried that some of your fussiness has been because you are hungry more often. Since I was sick with mastitis, it has lessened my milk supply and I think you are not as satisfied. Because of that, I have started giving you a formula bottle after you nurse each time to ensure your little tummy gets full. It seems to be working. You are less fussy and can go a little longer between feedings. Also, to get you to sleep at night, I feed you at about 10pm each night, after you have already been asleep for a couple of hours. I go into your room and pick you up to nurse you. You stay asleep but still eat so that you will sleep all night. It seems to be working so far! Hopefully it will continue so that you will keep sleeping through the night.

Things that make you NOT smile: riding in the car and tummy time! You hate both! You SCREAM your head off in the car most of the time. On a rare occasion you will rise without crying, or you will just fall asleep and not cry. It makes me anxious to take you anywhere. And we are supposed to make you do tummy time a lot so that you can build the muscles needed to hold your head up and sit. But you hate it! You don’t last a minute without crying. But luckily you are holding your head up really well so most of the time I will put you on my shoulder and let you hold your head up and look around over my shoulder.

Those little feet! I just love them! Soft skin, tiny rolls, and long toes! I play with them and kiss all over them. And I also pray for your feet. I pray that they will always carry you where you dream to go. That when times get tough you will always put one foot in front of the other. That they will always be healthy feet that you can use to run, jump and play. That your feet will carry you far, one many adventures, and farther than you ever thought you would go and places that will teach you new things. I pray that your feet will always lead you home and to the alter at church. And I pray that you will learn to get off of your feet, and on your knees and pray.


I love you my sweet baby boy! Happy 3 months!