Will- Four Months (9/23/15)

(I am a little late posting this to the blog, but I write these posts on my phone when I have time and they do not always make them onto the blog in a timely manner. Having two kids fills up most of my time 😉 ).

Baby Will,

4 months already?! Time is just flying by! You are getting so big and developing the CUTEST personality! Everyone talks about how big you are (so tall and LOTS of the cutest little chubbiest rolls on your legs!) You smile at us all the time and are such a happy baby! We even got you to start giggling at us. It is adorable! You get the biggest wide mouth smile on your face and give us a little belly laugh…so cute I can’t handle it! Sweet sweet giggles! You make us laugh and smile all day long!

image image image image

You are weighing in at a whopping 17 pounds! Big boy! We have friends who have babies born around the same time as you (or before) and you are getting bigger than them! Such a healthy boy! You are also loosing your hair…a lot of it. It makes me want to cry! You are only loosing it in the back (so far) and you have developed a bald spot on the top of your head. I find air of hair in your bed and in your swing from where you are loosing it. It is perfectly normal for babies to loose their hair and since you had so much, you had some to spare. You still have a bunch in the front and regardless of how much you have, you are still the cutest baby boy I’ve ever seen!

image image image image

You like to sleep. Most of the time. You don’t give us too much fuss and although there are nights that you wake up at 2,3,4,or5am, you have been sleeping through the night most of the time. You LOVE to nap in your car seat (while the car is moving), if someone is rocking you or in your swing. Those are pretty much the only places naps happen for you.

image image image imageimage

You are getting so strong! You are able to hold your head up so good that you can sit up in the Bumbo chair and when I am holding you in my lap. You are also more alert and making more eye contact when you sit up. You are starting to interact with us a lot more and we love it! We are SO thankful that you are a thriving and healthy baby boy!


You and your sister are looking more alike every day. I look at pictures of Hayley at 4 months, and you at four months, and it is uncanny. You two could be twins…just two years apart. I unapologetically say that we have the most beautiful children on the planet.

image image

And those lashes!!!! To die for!


And Hayley loves you! She interacts with you more and more and it makes my heart want to explode with joy seeing you two together. I pray you two are always friends. Best friends. Playmates for life. Keep each other’s secrets. Help each other out. Learn together. Have a close bond. Have each other’s backs. Through thick and thin. No matter what. That’s what siblings are for.

image imageimage

She even tries to get you to play with her princess dolls. But you are keeping it manly in your camo 😉


They say with your second baby you are so much more relaxed about things. Isn’t that the truth!!! I am not as worried about germs (although I still wipe you down with sanitizing wipes from time to time), worry about sleep less, don’t stick to a schedule as much, etc. When Hayley was a baby I would not take her to the church nursery. I wasn’t having any part of that germ infested, snotty nose kid inhabited place. Finally we took her (after she was a year old mind you) and it really wasn’t all that bad. Soooooo….we took you. At four months. That’s right. At only four months. What can I say? You freak out less with the second. Ha! The ladies who work in there are so sweet and loving and you are in there with other babies who’s parents are in our Sunday school class. I know you are in good hands and it allows mommy and daddy to enjoy our Sunday’s school lessons and to listen to Pastor Brads sermon uninterrupted so they we can get more out of it, instead of tending to a fussy baby. You have done great every time we take you and we are so glad!

We continue to pray for you to grow and to be healthy. We love you so much!