Will-Five Months (10/23/15)

Baby Will,

Happy 5 months!

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Well…it happened. What everyone warned us about with multiple kids…the dreaded “whole house” sickness. Everyone in our house has been sick, even little ol’ you. And I was the one who got the germ party kicked off. I started coughing around the middle of September and it just eased up (it’s almost the end of October). It started with seasonal allergies and developed into bronchitis. A couple of weeks after I stared with all of this mess, then daddy did too. We have been marathon coughers for a month. Shortly after daddy’s symptoms started, Hayley brought home a virus from Mothers Day Out. She was better a week later, but then you brought home a cough from the church nursery. You started to cough and one night shortly after that you woke up in the night screaming and I couldn’t calm you down. You cried for about two hours and wouldn’t let me put you down, which is so unlike you. So, instead of putting you down to sleep, I just held you in my arms and we slept in the rocking chair in your room. Well…you slept. Me…not so much. I was too worried I would wake you up and you would start crying again. I knew something was bothering you, but when you are as little as you are, there isn’t a lot of medicines you can take. So the next day I called the doctor and she came out to check you out and you had a bad ear infection in your right ear. No wonder you were screaming all night!

This month I left you overnight for the first time. I wanted to go on a shopping trip to Dallas so daddy agreed to watch you and Hayley for one night alone while I went. (He is the best daddy!) it was hard leaving you, but it was a great break for mommy. Being a stay at home mommy to two kiddos can be hard so it was nice to get away for a little bit. You did great while I was away. But we were both glad to be back together when I was home. I missed my kiddos!


You are SUCH a happy baby! You smile non stop! Your face lights up with joy every time someone looks your way. It makes me smile just as much! You are the sweetest and so easy going! We just can’t get enough of those little Will smiles! And speaking of happy, you LOVE to watch your sister play and she loves to make you laugh! I will sit you up in my lap or in the sit and spin and you will watch her with amazement and smile and giggle! Seeing the bond growing between you two right before my eyes is incredible. I love to see you two together!

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You love to play in your sit and spin! You like sitting up in it like a big boy. Even your sister likes it too 😉

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Something you do not like it tummy time. You REALLY dont like it! The doctor tells us that we have to do it with you because it is good for your development, but man you put up a fuss when we make you do it. But it has tought you to roll over! When i put you on your tummy you either roll right over and will not do tummy time, or you just put your head down, bury your nose into your blanket and just cry 🙁


You got to visit the pumpkin patch for the first time this month. We went to pick out pumpkins for us to carve and you came along for the ride. We even tried to get some cute picture of you and sister while we were there. We got a few cute ones…and a few bloopers

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You are getting cuter and cuter every day….but your poor hair. Ha! You are still loosing some of it and what you have kept is getting so long and it looks funny. We are going to get you a hair cut soon. A quick story, your daddy used to mess with pawpaw because of his “flap” (his hair that he combed over his bald spot). One day at the park the wind blew up your hair and it looked like pawpaws did when it was wind blown. I had to take a picture because it was so funny. Your daddy and pawpaw got a big kick out of it too. Haha!

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Unfortunately you are not sleeping as well as you used to. You are getting up almost every night about 4 or 5 am to eat. But I can’t complain much because as soon as you eat, you go right back to sleep. I am hoping you will start sleeping better soon! But when you do sleep, I just want to hold you and rock you. I know that you will not be little very long and I never want to let go!

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I love you so much!