A Sunny Sunflower Day

One Sunday we decided to visit the Sunflower trails in Shreveport for a fun afternoon outing. We had fun playing in all of the golden yellow flowers and exploring the sunflower trails! Life is fun with my family!

Sunflowers-74 Sunflowers-69 Sunflowers-68 Sunflowers-63 Sunflowers-58 Sunflowers-56 Sunflowers-52 Sunflowers-42 Sunflowers-40 Sunflowers-39 Sunflowers-38 Sunflowers-36 Sunflowers-30 Sunflowers-29 Sunflowers-28 Sunflowers-23 Sunflowers-11 Sunflowers-8

The Wooden Anniversary

5 years of marriage in the books! And each year continues to get better and better! Bill, you are loving, kind, amazing father and provider, my comfort and my rock, a voice of reason, my biggest fan and my forever love! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us!

The 5th anniversary is known as the wooden anniversary so I decided to create a bucket list for us to visit all 50 states. With the help of my dad (building the board out of reclaimed wood) I painted a map of the United States and put pictures of us in each state we have visited (pictures taken in each state). I also made a bucket list of things to do in each state so that we can spend many years to come going on adventures to see this wonderful country!

IMG_1788 IMG_1832

Bill planned a wonderful weekend “staycation” for our anniversary. Grammie and PawPaw kept the kiddos and we went to stay the Margaritaville casino hotel and had an afternoon at the spa. Then we got ready to go to dinner at Superior Steakhouse (where we ate after we got engaged, even at the same table). We had a wonderful dinner and night away!

Rosemary Beach 2016

Our family beach trip this year was…challenging to say the least, but so much fun!

Hitting the road!

IMG_2627 - Copy IMG_2630 - Copy

We left a few days early for the beach and drove to Fairhope, Alabama to meet Grammie and PawPaw for two nights at the Marriot Grand. It is such a nice and beautiful place! We got down there Thursday night right about bedtime, but we let you kiddos stay up a little later and we went walking on the pier, ran and played on the putting green. We finally got in bed about 9 but Will woke up at 3am and SCREAMED his head off for two hours! Since us 4 were all in the same room, we were all up too. Hayley, you finally fell back asleep after an hour. Around that time, after trying everything, I loaded Will up in the stroller and took you outside to stroll you around in hopes it would put you back to sleep. It was 4 am and I was in my robe and house slippers strolling you around this very nice resort…it was a sight! But I was so afraid we were going to get kicked out of our hotel because you were crying and carrying on so much! I finally found a swing by the bay and rocked you back asleep. As tired and frustrated as I was, I got to watch the sun come up when we were outside swinging on the pier and it was so beautiful. FINALLY after two hours, I got you back to sleep and I was able to catch a little bit of sleep because Grammie came and got Hayley to let us sleep in. Daddy had gotten up early to go play golf with PawPaw.

IMG_2639 - Copy
Swinging will on the Pier at 4am

The next day we went swimming at the pool, and at the little beach that was there (with PawPaw) and Grammie and Mommy went shopping. That night, in Fairhope, we went into town to eat and then walk around to shop, listen to live music, and get ice cream. There was a small band the Hayley loved and danced to. That night, Will still cried in the middle of the night. Luckily our two night stay there was over and we didn’t get kicked out. Ha!

IMG_2679 - Copy IMG_2674 - Copy IMG_2653 - Copy IMG_2652 - Copy IMG_2648 - Copy IMG_2646 - Copy IMG_2641 - Copy

Saturday we left Fairhope and drove down the beautiful and scenic 30A to Rosemary beach. We stopped along the way to grab a burger, got to Rosemary and checked into our house. What a beautiful, fun little town! We spent that night getting settled in and walking around to discover the town. We even walked down to the beach! The next couple of days were rainy and a wash out, but not without excitement! Ha! Sunday (before the rain started) we want down to the beach for a little bit. Hayley had asked for a Band-Aid for a bite that was itching. We didn’t see a bite on her leg, just thought you wanted to put a Band-Aid on (as your often do), and gave you one. Later that night you were in the bathtub and we took the Band-Aid off and it was really red and swollen and looked like a spider bite, or something of that nature. So we called the doctor and she told us to mark it with a marker to see if the redness and swelling was spreading. In fear that it may be an infection, she called us in an antibiotic. the only problem was that it was Sunday night in a small town and there were no pharmacies open anywhere close to us. So we did what any good parents would do, we drove 45 minutes away (one way) to the only 24 hour pharmacy within 60 miles, and then back again. Oh the things we do for our kids 😉 And since it was raining all the next day, we stayed in and let it rest. Just as a precaution we took you to a quick care, they checked you out, and they told us not to get it wet (Which would be impossible since we were at the beach). But our doctor said it was fine to get wet, so we spent the rest of the week doing just that….playing at the beach and pool!

IMG_2696 - Copy IMG_2691 - Copy IMG_2698 - Copy

The rest of the week was nice and sunny so we spent most of our time playing at the beach and the pool!

Rosemary 2016-1 Rosemary 2016-172 Rosemary 2016-176 Rosemary 2016-177 Rosemary 2016-180 Rosemary 2016-181 Rosemary 2016-185 Rosemary 2016-189 Rosemary 2016-192 Rosemary 2016-198 Rosemary 2016-200 Rosemary 2016-202 Rosemary 2016-205 IMG_2863 - Copy IMG_2844 - Copy IMG_2842 - Copy IMG_2840 - Copy IMG_2838 - Copy IMG_2837 - Copy IMG_2836 - Copy IMG_2832 - Copy IMG_2778 - Copy IMG_2777 - Copy IMG_2771 - Copy IMG_2761 - Copy IMG_2755 - Copy IMG_2736 - Copy Rosemary 2016-166 Rosemary 2016-164 Rosemary 2016-163 Rosemary 2016-160 Rosemary 2016-158 Rosemary 2016-155 Rosemary 2016-151 Rosemary 2016-149 Rosemary 2016-147 Rosemary 2016-144 Rosemary 2016-142 Rosemary 2016-140 Rosemary 2016-136 Rosemary 2016-132 Rosemary 2016-128 Rosemary 2016-125 Rosemary 2016-119 Rosemary 2016-115 Rosemary 2016-112 Rosemary 2016-87 Rosemary 2016-86 Rosemary 2016-81 Rosemary 2016-80 Rosemary 2016-79 Rosemary 2016-74 Rosemary 2016-67 Rosemary 2016-65 Rosemary 2016-63 Rosemary 2016-62 Rosemary 2016-60 Rosemary 2016-58 Rosemary 2016-55 Rosemary 2016-54 Rosemary 2016-51 Rosemary 2016-50 Rosemary 2016-18 Rosemary 2016-13 Rosemary 2016-12 Rosemary 2016-10 Rosemary 2016-8 Rosemary 2016-6 Rosemary 2016-3 Rosemary 2016-1

Will still cried out in the middle of the night every night and got up VERY early every morning. We were exhausted! You liked the beach, but were easily frustrated since you are not completely walking without assistance and would see Hayley up running around. You also tried to eat sand. Yuck! Hayley, this age is perfect for the beach (3 years old). You LOVED every second of it! You ran, played, dug in the sand, buried Grammie and PawPaw, collected sea shells and swam in the pool a lot!

IMG_2723 - Copy IMG_2720 - Copy IMG_2723 - Copy IMG_2708 (1) - CopyRosemary 2016-21 Rosemary 2016-23

All I wanted was to get a couple of pictures of you two together, but Will cannot stop pulling hair long enough to make that happen. (queue the eye roll from mommy).

IMG_2828 - Copy IMG_2731 - Copy Rosemary 2016-117 Rosemary 2016-116

You two just love your baby cousin Samuel!

IMG_2779 - Copy IMG_2781 - Copy IMG_2776 - Copy

One night, Grammie and PawPaw were so sweet (and brave!) and watched all three of you kiddos so we could go on a dinner date with Uncle Bobby and Aunt Dee. We went to the Pearl and had a great date night out.

IMG_2811 - Copy

We all went to dinner one night and then to watch the Luminaire Circus in the town square. Hayley you loved it!

Rosemary 2016-97 Rosemary 2016-103 Rosemary 2016-107 Rosemary 2016-94 Rosemary 2016-88 Rosemary 2016-110 Rosemary 2016-111

We would also take breaks from the beach during the day to ride our bikes around town and to “The Sugar Shack” for candy, ice cream and snow cones! It was so much fun!

IMG_2786 - Copy IMG_2784 - Copy IMG_2787 - Copy IMG_2795 - Copy IMG_2797 - Copy IMG_2799 - Copy IMG_2687 - Copy

Daddy and I took the bikes to breakfast one morning for a little mommy-daddy date. While we were there we picked up a cake from the bakery for PawPaw’s birthday. Daddy was so talented, balanced it on his bike and made it all the way home with it in one piece!

IMG_2825 - Copy

We attempted family beach pictures. Lets just say, they could have gone better….Will, you were a little bit of a trouble maker. Ha! You just wanted to pull your sister’s hair, not sit still, or look at the camera. But what did we expect? You just turned 1. But our photographer was great and with a lot of patience and Photoshopping, we were able to pull of a few good pictures! We have one good looking family!

bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0115 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0114 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0110 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0107 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0106 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0098 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0097 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0095 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0094 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0092 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0089 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0087 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0082 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0073 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0071 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0053 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0044 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0036 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0034 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0030 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0025 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0024 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0017 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0015 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0011 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0010 bowdon-family-9-june-2016-rosemary-beach-fla-0002

On the last night, we cooked dinner at the house and Grammie and I took Hayley to the movie on the green. It was Frozen and Hayley, you love it!


Rosemary Beach is such a beautiful town and I couldn’t help but snap some pictures!

Rosemary 2016-207 Rosemary 2016-206 Rosemary 2016-53 Rosemary 2016-52 Rosemary 2016-48 Rosemary 2016-47 Rosemary 2016-44 Rosemary 2016-43 Rosemary 2016-42 Rosemary 2016-41 Rosemary 2016-40 Rosemary 2016-38 Rosemary 2016-37 Rosemary 2016-36 Rosemary 2016-35 Rosemary 2016-34 Rosemary 2016-33 Rosemary 2016-32 Rosemary 2016-31 Rosemary 2016-29 Rosemary 2016-28 Rosemary 2016-27 Rosemary 2016-26 Rosemary 2016-25

Someone was worn out after a long and fun trip to the beach!

IMG_2943 IMG_2948 IMG_2946 IMG_2948

An old post (insert by last Christmas)

As I have said many times, I write these blog posts in the notes on my phone and later transfer them onto the blog later when I have time. Tonight as I am going through the notes on my phone as I am catching up on our summer blog posts (it is early September), I ran across one from Chrsitmas that never made it to the blog. It is too good not to share, so I am posting it now. Even though I wrote it on and about Christmas, it applies every day. So read, enjoy (and pretend this is posted by the former Chrsitmas post).


My little loves,

It is 3am in Christmas morning. Will, you just called me up out of bed as you do every night around 3 or 4 or 5 for a middle of the night feeding. You seemed to not be so hungry, but rather just wanted warm snuggles from mommy. As I rocked you and you stared up at me with that adorable round face, I couldn’t help but feel my heart bursting with love! After putting you back into your crib, I snuck into your room, Hayley, to check on you (as I do every night). You were sleeping so peacefully with your soffie curled up in your hand by your face, and again, my heart was bursting with love! No one can prepare you for this kind of love. Something I never knew I was capable of feeling until you two came along. I have felt a lot of big emotions in my life… Happiness, sadness, excitement, anxiety, hurt, and even big love….but a mothers love? There’s nothin that comes close to it. It is something I can never physically touch, but that I cling to every day. This big love, and you two, amaze me every day. 

As I sit here thinking about Christmas Eve, and all those years ago when Mary was preparing to give birth to Jesus, I can’t help but think she had no idea how strong her love would be for a baby who’s love for us is bigger than any mothers love. That thought rocks my world. A love bigger than a mothers love?!?! Is there such a thing?! Only in Jesus…and for that I cannot be more thankful. I pray you both know how much I love you and more importantly, how much the Lord loves you. You two will always have a warm cuddly place in me, either rocking you at 3 am, snuggles on the sofa, or a quick hug. But always remember, Jesus died for you so that you are permanently snuggled right in his heart, and he in yours. 

I love you both more than words can ever say. 



You are so funny and miss personality these days. You keep us laughing all the time with dancing around, playing and the things you say. I try and make not of all of the funny things you say. Here are some from lately. 

“Nufting” for nothing 

“Um, I dunt know” with finger on your cheek

“Panny-tail” pony tail

Making up your own language. 

“Body” for booty 

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Screaming it over and over again when I made you get back in bed during nap time

“I wanna be nice”- when you get in trouble you say this so you can get out of time out or not get a spanking 

“Ipe-ad” for iPad 

“Wast year” (last year). You say that for everything that has happen, even if it was yesterday or earlier that day. “I did dat wast year” or “I wore dat wast year”

“Cheeza-louis-a” what you say so be goofy and smile. You smile really big, kick your hip out and throw out your hand to the side. It is so cute!!!

“Watch me” about 1000000  times a day.

You call me “Mom” now instead of mommy. you are too young for that!

You LOVE to play hide and seek, play outside, ride your bike, paint and watch the iPad. 

We love to hear you talk and hear all of the new things you come up with. You are such a joy in our lives!

Our Tiny Dancer


I am so proud of you my tiny dancer! You had your first dance recital with Vicki’s School of Dance and you did AWESOME! I seriously couldn’t be more proud of you! 

dance-1 Hayley Bowdon

I was a little nervous for you because it was your first time and such a big venue with a large audience (at the CenturyLink center). I tried to talk to you about what it would be like many times before it was time for you to perform. When we go into your dance classes on watch night you are always off to the side and get nervous and don’t always do your dances, or you just make up your own moves, so I wasn’t sure how you would do. When we went to dress rehearsal the curtains opened and you rocked it!!! You were front and center you did the moves and looked SO ADORABLE!!! And not only did you do amazing at rehearsal, you were the star of the show again at the recital! I was SOOOO happy to watch you up there having so much fun. You cried when it was over because you wanted to go back out there and do it again. Ha! After your number was over, we watched the older girls perform and you loved watching them, and you even get me to play “Forever” by Kari Jobe so you can dance ballet style like the older performance group did. You love to dance!

2 Year Mon 615 dance-11 dance-12 dance-19 dance-21 dance-22 dance-16 dance-2 dance-24 dance-25 dance-27 dance-28 dance-31 dance-32 dance-33 dance-34 dance-42 IMG_2522 IMG_2526 dance-47 IMG_2528

I will always remember how happy and care free you were up on that stage and I pray you will always feel that way…wether it be dancing on stage or doing anything you love. I pray you always have fun no matter what you are doing. There is a saying “dance like no one is watching” and you did! I pray you will always dance and dance like no one is watching. I am SOOOO proud of you baby girl!!!

Murph 2016

On Memorial Day weekend, Daddy completed a huge challenge at his Crossfit Box (gym). It is called the “Murph”. It was created by a US soldier killed while protecting or country in Afghanistan. It was his favorite workout and Crossfiters honor his sacrifice every Memorial Day by pushing themselves to complete this grueling workout. Daddy set a goal to not only finish, but to try and finish within one hour, and he did it!!! He put on a weighted vest and ran one mile, did 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 pull ups and then ran another mile…all within 58 minutes!!! We all went to cheer him on and I couldn’t be more proud of him!!! He gets up several mornings a week before the sun comes up (5:30) to go to the gym before work, then goes to work and works so hard for our family, then comes home and is such a hands on daddy. I am so in love with him and proud of all he does and all he has accomplished. He is such a stud muffin Way to go daddy! 

IMG_2545 IMG_2547 murph-1 murph-3 murph-4 murph-6 murph-7 murph-8 murph-9 murph-10 murph-12 murph-14 murph-15 murph-16 murph-17 murph-25 murph-27 murph-28 murph-29 murph-31 murph-32 murph-33 murph-35 murph-36 murph-38 murph-40 murph-41 murph-42 murph-43 murph-44 murph-46 murph-48 murph-49 murph-50 murph-51

Happy Birthday Baby Will!!!

Happy Birthday Baby Will!!! One whole year old! I cannot believe you have made our lives so much sweeter for a whole entire year! I know this sounds cliche but time is flying by!

IMG_2357 IMG_2365 IMG_2366 IMG_2376 IMG_2384 IMG_2398 MB (18 of 100) MB (21 of 100) MB (22 of 100) MB (44 of 100) MB (60 of 100) MB (62 of 100) MB (63 of 100) MB (64 of 100) MB (68 of 100) MB (69 of 100) MB (70 of 100) MB (72 of 100) MB (74 of 100) MB (76 of 100) MB (77 of 100) MB (78 of 100) MB (79 of 100) MB (81 of 100) MB (83 of 100) MB (84 of 100) MB (86 of 100) MB (87 of 100) MB (91 of 100) MB (92 of 100) MB (93 of 100) MB (94 of 100) MB (95 of 100) MB (97 of 100) MB (98 of 100) 

You had a big month! We celebrated your birthday with a “Will is O-Fish-ally One!” Themed birthday party! All things fishing at Will’s tackle shop, including goldfish crackers, fishing rods, catch of the day, chicken of the sea, fresh water, worm bait and bobber cupcakes! So many of our friends came to celebrate, including all of your grandparents, and two of your great grandparents too! The best thing about your party is that you took your first steps!!! Out of the blue you just started walking! Gappy was holding you had walking you around while you held onto his hand for balance and you just let go and took some steps! He yelled “Meg look! He is walking!” It was awesome!!! You were showing out at your birthday party! And now that you are walking, you are trying to pull up too. 

Will's Birthday Invite 2 IMG_1474 Will's First Birthday-1 Will's First Birthday-2 Will's First Birthday-3 Will's First Birthday-5 Will's First Birthday-6 Will's First Birthday-7 Will's First Birthday-11 Will's First Birthday-13 Will's First Birthday-21 Will's First Birthday-26 Will's First Birthday-28 Will's First Birthday-32 Will's First Birthday-36 Will's First Birthday-40 Will's First Birthday-41 Will's First Birthday-42 Will's First Birthday-45 Will's First Birthday-48 Will's First Birthday-52 Will's First Birthday-54 Will's First Birthday-56 Will's First Birthday-61 Will's First Birthday-71 Will's First Birthday-75 Will's First Birthday-78 Will's First Birthday-79 Will's First Birthday-88 Will's First Birthday-90 Will's First Birthday-102 Will's First Birthday-104 Will's First Birthday-111 Will's First Birthday-115 Will's First Birthday-119 Will's First Birthday-122 Will's First Birthday-125 Will's First Birthday-63 Will's First Birthday-64 Will's First Birthday-97

On your actual birthday (a couple of days after your party) we celebrated by going to play at the park/splash pad and going to Chic Fil A (your favorite) for nuggets and ice cream!

IMG_2297 IMG_2298 IMG_2300 (1) IMG_2305 Will's First Birthday-140 Will's First Birthday-138 Will's First Birthday-137 Will's First Birthday-133 Will's First Birthday-144 Will's First Birthday-143 Will's First Birthday-128 IMG_2301 (1) IMG_2303

You have also learned to wave and clap! If we wave and say bye-bye, you wave back to us. And if we say “Yay, Will!,” you clap! It’s so adorable!

And you are definitely living up to the “boys get into everything” stereotype I was warned about. You are literally into everything! You pull books and toys off of your sisters shelves, you open drawers in the kitchen and remove their contents, you love to “help” me empty the dishwasher, you are ALWAYS in Dixie’s dog bowl, and so much more! Always into something! And the not so good thing is that you live to mess with your sister! Always pulling on her clothes and pulling her hair. And she SCREAMS at the top of her lungs when you do. Geez! Things are about to get really busy at our house with you two! But I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Happy Birthday baby boy! I pray for a ton more birthdays for you! 

Beach Tribe

IMG_2020 IMG_2019

At the beginning of May, I took a (much needed) trip to the beach with my girl friends and we had a BLAST!!! So much of my life if consumed with you kiddos. I love it. Y’all are my world, my heart and my purpose. But sometimes MOMMY. NEEDS. A. BREAK! I need girl talk (even if we mostly talk about our kids ), uninterrupted meals, a few showers to myself, bed time that don’t require a story, pull-ups, protesting, checking for monsters, and repeated trips to put you back in bed. I need time to just sit and have a drink by the beach, listen to something other than Mickey and nursery rhymes, but real music. I need adult time. 365 days a year it is all about everyone else in the house and for those 4 days, it was all about me. It was stress free, fun, relaxing, exciting, and downright blissful at times. It was also hard and sad, knowing that my babies were far away from me. Daddy would text me a picture of y’all and my heart would yern for sweet baby snuggles. I long for a break, but want to cry when I am away from my husband and babies for a night. It is the classic example of a double edged sword. But as much as I missed my family, that trip was good for me, my friends, and our friendships. We made memories we will never forget and laughed more that I think I ever have. When you grow up and life really begins to happen, always remember to take a break and take time for you! Although it can feel selfish at times, looking back on it you can see it is necessary. It is time to renew your spirit and strengthen your relationships with loved ones and friends.  

IMG_1931 IMG_1923 IMG_1922 IMG_1917 IMG_1894 IMG_1878 IMG_1875 IMG_1986 IMG_1985 IMG_1989 IMG_1994 IMG_2002

Every day we got up, got a cup of coffee, threw on our swimsuits and headed down to the beach to sit there all day! We would go to lunch (walk to the back porch that was next door to our condo) and go back to sit on the beach all afternoon. It was AMAZING! We got to just sit and relax and enjoy our friendships! Then we would all go up to the condo, take our time getting ready and head out for a relaxing dinner. We did this 4 days in a row!!! Did I mention how great it was? Ha! But at the end of those days I was SOOOO ready to get home to my family and love, hug and kiss all over y’all! 

IMG_1897 IMG_1948 IMG_1955 IMG_1956 IMG_1957 IMG_1975 IMG_1977 IMG_1978 IMG_1999 IMG_2018

But we hit a snag on the way home, I got a flat time But a very kind man who didn’t know us at all stopped everything he was doing to help 7 women change a tire. We could have done it, but I would have taken us a WHOLE lot longer! It just proves that there are still kind people in the world! 

IMG_2009 IMG_2021

I loved this trip and we are all looking forward to next year to spend time with my “beach tribe.”  

Our beautiful family!

We are so blessed with our family. Daddy and I are beyond thankful that the Lord gave you two kiddos to us. We are blessed beyond we can ever express and we love you two more than you can ever possibly imagine!

Bowdon2016-2 Bowdon2016-5 Bowdon2016-11 Bowdon2016-14 Bowdon2016-20 Bowdon2016-24 Bowdon2016-30 MB (2 of 100) MB (5 of 100) MB (6 of 100) MB (9 of 100) MB (11 of 100) MB (13 of 100) MB (14 of 100) MB (15 of 100) MB (17 of 100) MB (21 of 100) MB (28 of 100) MB (29 of 100) MB (30 of 100) MB (31 of 100) MB (32 of 100) MB (36 of 100) MB (39 of 100) MB (41 of 100) MB (44 of 100) MB (50 of 100) MB (53 of 100) MB (56 of 100) MB (57 of 100) MB (59 of 100)

Hugs and Kisses!