A Fantastic Fall!

Fall was fantastic! Full of pumpkins, friends, family, parties and festivals, trick or treating, lots of yummy treats, turkey, and fun adventures!

Decorating “season” has begun (Halloween, then Fall, then Christmas). Hayley, you love to help me decorate and get into the spirit of the season. Will, you love to un-decorate. Ha! You grab everything off of every surface. I guess you think it is all a toy.

Hayley, you spent time at Grandma’s and Gappy’s and you and Grandma baked some Halloween treats!

We went to the park and painted pumpkins with our friends in early October. Y’all had so much fun being crafty and playing together. Sweet memories made!

Skeleton pajamas! No BONES about it, y’all are the cutest! You can see that taking pictures are a huge challenge these days! Will, you refuse to be still! I just want a cute picture of y’all together.

We even decorated a spooky gingerbread house! As usual, you are more candy than when at put on the house. Baby Will even got to have a few pieces of candy.

My blue eyed gorgeous girl! You love to swing!

More problems taking pictures of y’all tow together. As y’all can tell, I love to put you in matching outfits (I know y’all will hate this one day, but it’s just too cute!) and when I put y’all in matching outfits, I just want to take a picture. But y’all don’t cooperate. Ha! So I had to photo collage y’all together.

The first cold front came thorough and you had to dress for it to play outside!

Most days the weather has been on the warmer side. One day we went for a run (you two in the double stroller and me running) but Hayley, you decided you wanted to run too. You ran for almost an entire mile back to the house! I was so surprised! You wanted to slow down a couple of times but you loved being able to get out and run.

We took a family trip to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins for our front porch. We didn’t carve them this year. Y’all just weren’t interested this year. But y’all had a blast at the pumpkin patch running round, pulling the wagons, and playing in the train.

We also went to a couple of fall festivals. One at Asbury (just Hayley and I) and one at our church (the whole family). There were hay rides, carnival games, bouncy houses, and tons of treats! So much fun!

Hayley you are staying in the Halloween spirit by insisting on being in a costume all of the time. This day we were playing in the back yard with Snow White

We just love to play outside now that the weather isn’t unbearably hot! We even snuck in a few lunch picnics!

Hayley you practiced learning your letters with candy corns and printable sheets. You ate WAY to many in the process. You just LOVE your sweets!

Hobby Lobby put out their Christmas decorations and you can’t get enough! You love “ooohing” and “ahhhhing” at everything. Even hugging the stockings and saying “I love you! I’m so excited for Christmas!” The absolute sweetest!

We went to our Fall festival at church one Sunday afternoon and had fun playing games and sliding and jumping on jumpies! After that, Harper and Jax Cook invited us to their “Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown party” and it was so much fun! We roasted hot dogs on the bonfire, bounced in the bouncy house, made snores and watched “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown movie” while eating popcorn from the pop corn bar! It was a blast!

Halloween morning y’all had “spider eggs” for breakfast to get into the Halloween spirit!

Halloween fell on a Monday this year and y’all went to school and had a Halloween party there. Y’all got to dress up and Hayley, your class got to trick or treat around the church offices. We even brought treats for your class friends and teachers. Will, you brought your friends fruit cups decorated like pumpkins and Hayley you brought “make your own monster kits” with pipe cleaners, play doh, Pompom balls and googly eyes. You both brought your teachers ghost pots with homemade cookies in them.

Daddy and I went to an adult Halloween party at the Brazzels and had so much fun! We dressed up as Cousin Eddie and Christine from”A Christmas Vacation.” It was a great night out!

Halloween night was a lot of fun! The Hooper’s and Grammie and PawPaw came over and we all ate dinner and went trick or treating. It was warm and the mosquitoes were bad(), but we still had a great time! Ariel (Hayley), Sebastian (Will), Flounder (Mommy) and Prince Eric (Daddy) all went (along with Grammie, PawPaw stayed and passed out candy). We only made it around a couple of blocks and you two had your fill. Will and Daddy even went back early. A few houses were good enough for y’all! (And I was okay with that because I ran 9 miles that day and I was tired!) ha! It was a great Halloween full of family fun and lots of treats!

I had an opportunity to paint with a local artist, Chris Opp, while your two were at school one day. He invited me to paint an Eagle on the side of Elm Grove middle school with him and I jumped at the chance! I spent the entire time y’all were at school painting the beak of the eagle and I had such a great time and I learned so much! I even took you kiddos to see it after Mr. Opp had it almost finished. It was an honor to be able to help add color to the city and to take part in something that will be there for a long time. It was big, I was nervous, but I kept telling myself I could, gave it my all, and I surprised myself with my ability. Never doubt yourself, step out of your comfort zone, learn from others, and you never know where it will take you!

Hayley you have been fighting naps a lot and giving us a really hard time going to bed (pitching a fit and getting up a lot throughout the night). We thought you were ready to give up naps so we starting have it “room time” where you play in your room while Will naps (because mommy still needs to work on art during that time). Most days you played, but some days you were just too worn out! You feel asleep playing! If this isn’t the cutest thing, I don’t know what is (it happened several times)

We went to Disney on Ice with Evie and Kimberly. You LOVED every bit of it! You and Evie shared cotton candy and you got to watch all the princesses skate and sing! It was so fun!

Yalls school had a little Thanksgiving party. You each brought “turkey cookies” to your classmates and homemade pecan pies to your teachers.

Hayley, you loved helping mommy bake for our Sunday school Thanksgiving feast (which we hosted at our house, y’all went to Grandparents).

We also went to Jackson again for Thanksgiving. Again, y’all loved playing outside, chasing chickens, running around, etc). We were planning to stay two nights, but Will made us cut or trip short. Will, the first night we were there (at Papaw and MaJeans) you woke up at 3:30am and dreamed your head off for two hours and never would go back to sleep! You woke up everyone in the house and we were exhausted! We were planning on staying one more night, but decided after a big Thanksgiving lunch with our family, to drive back home.

Daddy took Hayley to the deer camp one afternoon to put out deer corn. Hayley, you had loved getting to go up there and “feed the deers.” Remind me to show you the video of you explaining to me what daddy does at the camp when he goes up the tree and waits for the deer. Its absolutely precious!

When its still not quite cold outside but you love to have a fire in the fireplace

Mommy cant help it with the matching outfits. HAHA!

We have had a blast tis fall. It must have worn you out. 😉

Sadly, Daddy’s grandmother (Grammie’s mother) passed away the night before thanksgiving. She had cancer and was very sick for a while. Grammie and PawPaw had been in Florida with her for a few weeks as she was getting worse. Daddy wound up flying down to Florida for the funeral while I stayed at home with you two.

All and all, it was a FANTASTIC FALL! We made so many fun memories! I love being yalls mommy more than anything in the world!


Fun On the Family Farm- A Weekend In Terry, MS

Our family fall hayride and bonfire has been a tradition as long as I can remember, and this year was no exception! Daddy had to work for the weekend (and go sit and a deer stand ) so you kiddos and I took a trip down to PaPaw and MaJeans for the weekend. You kiddos had a BLAST! Y’all ran until I though you couldn’t run anymore, and then you ran some more. You played, explored the outdoors, chased, fed and even hugged the chickens, checked out the ducks, went “fishing”, sat on the tractor, went for a hayride, roasted hotdogs on the bonfire, played with your cousins, and ran some more! the time we have with PaPaw and MaJean is precious because they will not always be around, so it means so much to me to see you two with them and exploring the family farm with them. I will cherish those memories forever! Life is so much fun with yall!

Will, you loved the chickens so much! You chased after them, tried to get into their chicken coup, and even tried to hug and kiss them. What a cutie!

Having so much fun playing on the farm!

Nap time? Hardly.

Playing on PaPaw’s tractor!

“Catching” fish.

Going for a hayride! (a fall family tradition)

On the way home we stopped in Monroe to eat lunch at the mall and you two just had to ride the carousel!

I love you to babies and the memories we make.