Will’s First Day of Mother’s Day Out

The time has come….my baby boy went to his first day of Mother’s Day out! I was a ball of emotions. I was excited to be able to have a little break, to get things done, but I was also sad. My baby was getting so big and so many thoughts rushed though my head. Will he be okay? Will he nap? Will the other kids be nice to him? Will his teachers love on him like I do? Will they cut up his food small enough? Will he be sad all day? And on and on. I only left you for 3 hours, although I could leave you for 5. I wanted to ease you into it for a few weeks before I left you the entire time. But as worried as I was, you did great! Yes, you cried right when I dropped you off, but after I walked away, I stood outside your room and you stopped crying in less than a minute. They said you did great and were a happy boy all day! That made my heart so happy!

Before your first day, I wanted to get a cute picture of the two of you….and let’s just say y’all weren’t having it. Will, all you wanted to do was pester your sister and pull her hair and cried when I told you to stop. Hayley just wanted to be goofy. It was chaos and I was worn out in the end ┬ánever got a perfect;y posed one, but I got a ton of hilarious action shots. Ha!



All of my love,