Fun On the Family Farm- A Weekend In Terry, MS

Our family fall hayride and bonfire has been a tradition as long as I can remember, and this year was no exception! Daddy had to work for the weekend (and go sit and a deer stand ) so you kiddos and I took a trip down to PaPaw and MaJeans for the weekend. You kiddos had a BLAST! Y’all ran until I though you couldn’t run anymore, and then you ran some more. You played, explored the outdoors, chased, fed and even hugged the chickens, checked out the ducks, went “fishing”, sat on the tractor, went for a hayride, roasted hotdogs on the bonfire, played with your cousins, and ran some more! the time we have with PaPaw and MaJean is precious because they will not always be around, so it means so much to me to see you two with them and exploring the family farm with them. I will cherish those memories forever! Life is so much fun with yall!

Will, you loved the chickens so much! You chased after them, tried to get into their chicken coup, and even tried to hug and kiss them. What a cutie!

Having so much fun playing on the farm!

Nap time? Hardly.

Playing on PaPaw’s tractor!

“Catching” fish.

Going for a hayride! (a fall family tradition)

On the way home we stopped in Monroe to eat lunch at the mall and you two just had to ride the carousel!

I love you to babies and the memories we make.