Mardi Gras Mombo!

Mardi Gras was so much fun this year! Mommy and Daddy were invited to go to the Krewe of Centaur’s Ball with some friends. We got to get all dressed up in a formal gown and tuxedo. We had a “fireman themed” table and we had so much fun with friends!

We took yall to the Krewe of Highland Parade. This is a fun parade to go to since it is on a Sunday, during the day and much more family oriented. They even throw lots of fun things like stuffed animals and moon pies! Will caught one of those! We went with our Sunday school class friends and it was a blast! Yall loved playing with the other kids before the parade and catching the fun stuff (although the loud noises were not Hayley’s favorite, so we had ear phones for back up).

And one of yalls favorite things we did was make “King Cake Bubble Up.” It is basically a king cake casserole. Hayley you couldn’t wait for it to get out of the oven for a taste!

Love yall to the moon pie and back 😉