Hayley Turns 2!!!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday dear Hayley!!!!!

Happy Birthday…you are TWO!!!

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WOW!!! I just can’t believe it! You are TWO! Where has the time gone! This is such a fun age and you are such a joy! I wish you could stay this little forever! You are so sweet, playful, adorable and learning new words and things at lightning speed! You are so smart, you amaze me every…single….day. You are my best buddy and we have so much fun together, all day every day. From playing, to running errands, every day is a new adventure with you and I soak up every second of it!


We had such a big week celebrating your birthday! Your birthday was on a Thursday and your daddy and I spent Wednesday night putting the final touches on your big girl room so it would be ready for you on your birthday! We woke you up on your birthday by surprising you with a bunch of pink balloons being thrown into your room! You smiled and laughed and loved playing with them! I fixed you home made pancakes and syrup (your FAVORITE!) and then we headed off to Altitude (the trampoline play park) to meet Conly Rose and jump (another one of your favorite things!). Y’all had the best time playing, jumping and laughing!

Your Big Girl Room! (Painted and decorate by Mommy and Daddy)

IMG_0910 IMG_0909 IMG_0903

Fun at Altitude!

IMG_0911 IMG_0915 IMG_0925

You two worked up an appetite jumping (and your pregnant mommies also needed food), so we took you two to Chic Fil A (y’alls favorite) and had chicken nuggets, fries and chocolate chip cookies! I normal do not allow you to eat a lot of sweets, but it is your birthday so you can have whatever your little heart desires! 😉 Then it was home for a nap to rest up for your family birthday dinner!


Later that night we all (You, Daddy, Grammie, PawPaw, Gappy, Grandma, and I) went to go eat at Notini’s Restaurant so that you could have PIZZA! (Yes I know, a day of junk food…its rare, but it’s your birthday).  When you first got there you were very shy and kept covering your eyes. But as you warmed up you began to have a great time. You ate a lot of pizza (another one of your favorites), cheese, tomatoes and bread. I also made a birthday cake and we sang you happy birthday, let you blow out candles, and then tear in to the cake by yourself (before cutting us all a piece). You also got to open presents! Grammie and PawPaw got you balloons and a Frozen bear that sings a song from the move and also has a recording of Grammie singing you happy birthday. Grandma and Gappy got you a Sofia doll (that you LOVE!) and your daddy and I got you Sofia bath toys (as well as your big girl room). You loved spending time with everyone! It was a great night. We left, took you home, and tucked you into your brand new big girl bed in your brand new big girl room! You love your room and your bed so much! You never had a problem transitioning into your new room…you love it!

IMG_0937 IMG_0953 IMG_0954 IMG_0955 IMG_0958 IMG_0959 IMG_0964

The weekend was your birthday party! (Saturday morning) You had a “Pancakes and Pearls” themed party the was very  girly and decorated with  pink, gold and pearls! We made pancakes and fruit for everyone to eat, as well a giant pancake and pearl birthday cake! We had a lot of toys for you and your friends to play with and pearl necklace (pearl Mardi Gras beads) for everyone to wear. We have you an outside playhouse for your present and you and your friends played with that, in your jumpy house and with your golf cart. You got to open presents and everyone sang you “Happy Birthday” before you blew out your candles! It was such a fun party and you had a great time with all of your friends!

IMG_3959 IMG_4042 IMG_4040 IMG_4032 IMG_4026 IMG_4023 IMG_4017 IMG_4012 IMG_4008 IMG_4007 IMG_4005 IMG_4003 IMG_4002 IMG_3998 IMG_3993 IMG_3988 IMG_3979 IMG_3977 IMG_3976 IMG_3967 IMG_3966 IMG_3964 IMG_3960

Although your birthday party was over, we still had a busy weekend ahead of us! Since so many of your friends share early April birthdays, we had a few more parties to go to (and we had Krislyn’s the weekend before). Later that Saturday afternoon we went to Henzley’s birthday party out at 7th Heaven Ranch and you got to ride a horse! You loved riding it the first time! The second time we put you on it with Krislyn, the horse sneezed and scared you so bad that you didn’t want anything to do with it anymore. 🙁 You also got to pet a miniature horse and baby goats. It was a fun party  with all of your friends! Sunday, Nana kept you while we went to church (since you get sick every time we take you to Tiny Town at church, and then mommy left to go host a baby shower for Aunt Cait Cait and baby Christian. When that was over, I rushed home to get you and daddy and off to another birthday party we went! This time for Journee and Joplin. It was also at Altitude (the trampoline park). You had even more fun this time jumping than you did a few days ago! You jumped for a solid hour! Then you ate pizza and cupcakes and you had the blue icing everywhere! Ha! But you enjoyed it so I didn’t care. It was such a fun weekend getting to celebrate you and all of our friends! You were one tired girl on Sunday night! And mommy was pretty exhausted too. But it was worth it all!

IMG_0988 IMG_1064 IMG_1057 IMG_1037 IMG_1034 IMG_1021 IMG_1016 IMG_1011 IMG_1004 IMG_0994

I hope you had an amazing time on your birthday. I know you are only two and will not remember your party, the gifts your received, or who was all there, but as you look back on the pictures just know that there is nothing we love to do more than celebrate you, your life, and the joy that you are to us! Although I spend so many of my days wishing you would never grow up, growing up is what you will do. So every year on April 9 (and every day for that matter), I will cherish, celebrate, and thank God for the one and only Y-O-U!!! I love you more than you will ever know!