Hippy Hoppity…Easter Weekend 2015!

Family, Easter Egg Hunts, Easter baskets, and Birthday Parties…OH MY! Our Easter weekend was so much fun! Uncle Bobby and Aunt Dee came in town on Friday for the holiday weekend and we had a fish fry! PawPaw caught a ton of fish (especially just for you!) and we fried then, ate and had a great time! On Saturday morning, we took you to the Easter Eggstravaganza at church to let you hunt Easter Eggs! You found so many eggs, ran, played, get a balloon flower, and even got to see the Easter Bunny!

IMG_0784 IMG_3895 IMG_3897 IMG_3899 IMG_3905 IMG_3908 IMG_3923 IMG_3929

Later that afternoon, Krislyn had her birthday party at AirU (a trampoline park). We went (although we were late because mommy go the time wrong….pregnancy brain is killing me!) and you had the best time jumping and laughing!

IMG_3946 IMG_3947 IMG_3948

That night, we went to Grammie and PawPaw’s and had a crawfish boil with Uncle Bobby and Aunt Dee! You had a fun afternoon playing and we all ate a bunch of yummy crawfish your daddy boiled (everyone but you…you had left over fried fish).

IMG_0797 IMG_0799 IMG_0814 IMG_0823

Sometime during the night the Easter bunny came to visit you and left your Eater basket! It was filled with games, coloring books, sunglasses, swinsuits,  DVD’s and Mickey Mouse bath toys! I even made you Easter pancakes before church!

IMG_0825 IMG_0829 IMG_0832 IMG_0835

It was pouring rain when we went to Easter service that morning, but we didn’t care. We were just happy to be there! And we even let you sit in big church with us! You behaved really well (most of the service) and played with you toys while we listened in church. Since we went to early service, we had brunch at Grammie and PawPaw’s afterwards. It was a great fun-filled weekend with family to celebrate Christ’s death, burial and resurrection!

IMG_0842 IMG_0847 IMG_0849

Although we can get caught up in being busy with family and events on holidays such as this, I was you to always remember how amazing the sacrifice was for God to send His son to die on the cross for our sins! We are so undeserving of forgiveness, yet he freely gives it to us as we love and accept Christ into our lives. What an amazing gift!!!

Love, Mommy