A Week At The Beach

Our family beach trip of 2015 was a success!

We went back and forth with the idea of going before or after Will was born (YES….Will….we finally decided what to call you!) and ultimately decided to go before his grand debut. We decided that for several reasons, one being that it is hard to travel with a baby (much less a baby AND a toddler) but mainly because we wanted to give Hayley one last “only child” trip. A trip that was all about her! And all about her it was!

We (Grammie, PawPaw, Mommy, Daddy and Hayley…and Will too although he is in my tummy) all drove down to Peridio Key, FL for the week, although we almost didn’t go. We checked the weather forecast several days before leaving and the weather all week long looked not so great for the beach…lots of clouds and rain almost every day. I was so disappointed because I wanted this trip so badly, not only for us as a family, but for Hayley to have a great time. When were down to only a few days to decide, the weather was looking a little better (not great) but we said we would give it a shot anyway. So off we went! We left on a Sunday and stopped in Ruston to see the Trudes and in Jackson to see Nana, Papaw and MaJean. Hayley, you did great in the car. You just watched your movies and took a very short nap (For some reason you don’t like to sleep in the car at all). When we go there it was cloudy and windy, but since all you could talk about for 8 hours was “goin to da beeeeach!” we took you down to play in the sand and water for a little while before dinner. You LOVED it! You have had so much fun all week playing in the sand, building sandcastles and immediately knocking them down, playing with your beach ball, collecting shells, running with Grammie up and down the beach (she is your play-mate and the only person you want), and feeding the birds left over popcorn. You are just not a fan of having sand on your hands so we always keep a bucket of water near by for you to rinse your hands off. You will literally do this over and over and over again! Ha! And we actually had pretty amazing weather the whole time we were here! Thank God! It was sunny almost every day, and if it wasn’t sunny, it wasn’t raining so we could still go out to the beach. You played so hard every day that you slept so good every night! It was a successful trip!

Hayley, it has been such an amazing week watching you play, discover and learn about all the new things the beach has to offer. You are so much fun and so FUNNY! You are learning things so fast these days and it blows my mind how smart you are. You have taught me so much this week (and every day) about letting loose and having fun and how great it is to do that! I love you so much and I hope your last “only child” vacation was a blast for you!

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Bill, Thank you so much for all you have done this week to help me out. Going to the beach 35 weeks pregnant is  not easy and especially not with an energetic two year old, but you have made it as easy as possible. From the little things like just picking her up, putting her in her highchair because it isn’t easy for me, and staying in the room with her for her nap so I could read my bible study on the beach and have some “me” time. Even running up and down the beach trying to get pictures of her for High Cotton.  You are so great and do so much for me and I appreciate you more than you know. I couldn’t have done this week without (or your parents) and I thank you so much! How did I get so blessed with an amazing husband AND in-laws?!?! I thank God every day for yall! XO

I have so much fun this week with my family and there was no other place on the planet I would rather be! I love yall!