To My Dearest Will…

To my dearest Will,

At 34 weeks pregnant, we finally decided what to call you. FINALLY! We have known from day one, before we ever had children, that our first born son would be called William George Bowdon V, but we just never knew what we would call you. After months of going back and forth between Liam (which was thrown our very early on), George and Will, daddy finally deiced to call you Will! I am so happy! Several of our friends had their opinions too about nicknames…Cinco (5 in Spanish, like Cinco de Mayo) and Nickel (like the coin…or 5 cents). Ha!!!! Hopefully none of these will stick! 😉

Thinking back on the day I found out I was pregnant with you was so exciting! Your Daddy was gone hunting in Kansas for the week and Hayley and I were at home. I had taken Hayley to Aunt Cait Cait’s house to play with Conly Rose one day while your daddy was gone and I couldn’t help but feel sick. I dismissed it as something I ate and didn’t think much about it until later that night. I took a pregnancy test, looked at it immediately, no line popped up, so I just threw it away. The next day I took Hayley to Mother’s Day out and was going to go for my run but I just had no energy. I saw Aunt Cait Cait there and told her that I was feeling so sluggish and tired and, just then, it hit me that I didn’t give the pregnancy test 5 minutes to develop before I threw it away. So I ran home, went straight to the trash, dug out the test, and sure enough….there was a faint line that means you are pregnant! I couldn’t believe it! Literally….so I grabbed a water bottle (to chug so I could teetee again), my purse, got in the car and rushed to the store to buy a test. I came home, took it, and sure enough! The line was darker….I was pregnant! I was so excited! There is no feeling like it! I was busting and wanted to tell someone but we have always kept our pregnancies a secret until we go to the doctor (because of our miscarriage before Hayley), and to top it off…your daddy was out of town and I didn’t want to tell him over the phone!  So I kept my excitement in and to myself for the next few days. Later in the week your daddy finally got home and I surprised him with the pregnancy test. He could believe it! He actually said “No way!” Haha!

We also told our parents (your grandparents) before we went to our first doctor’s appointment to hear your heartbeat because I was starting to feel bad morning sickness and we figured we needed help with Hayley while I was feeling so bad. And it didn’t take ling for the morning sickness to set in and gradually get worse. I felt nauseous when I was pregnant with Hayley, but this time it was so much worse! I was nauseous all of the time, weak, SOOOO tired and I always felt like I had very low blood pressure and blood sugar… I even threw up several times! I was sick from about week 6 to week 14 or 15. It lasted what seemed like forever and I tried every natural remedy known to man to try and get rid of it, even acupuncture! The only thing that helped was prescription medication but I only took it a couple of times because I was too scared of the side effects it could have on you. I felt like such a bad mother to Hayley for so long becuase there was so much that I physically could’t do for her because I was so sick. But your daddy was such a huge help! He cooked, took care of Hayley a lot, let me sleep a lot, and waited on me hand and foot. I was SOOOO glad when I was finally able to feel better and have more energy! Despite all of the sickness, I know you are SOOOOOO worth it!


At 15 weeks pregnant (December 9) I went to the doctor to find out if you were a boy or a girl! We so badly wanted a boy, especially your daddy! He wants a boy to hunt and fish with and to do all of the fun things he does with his dad. So that day, your daddy stayed home to watch Hayley and I went to have the ultrasound. The ultrasound tech looked to find the sex, but I asked her not to tell me, but to just put the pictures in an envelope so that your daddy and I could open the envelope together at home and find out at the same time. When my appointment was over i couldn’t get home fast enough! As soon as I walked in the door, your daddy opened the envelope, screamed “IT’S A BOY!!!” over and over and was running through the house with excitement and jumping over the furniture! We were SO EXCITED!!!!


But despite our excitement, we decided to keep it a secret until Christmas so that we could surprise our parents. We told everyone (family and friends) that we decided not to find out the sex like we did with Hayley, even though we already knew you were a boy. Sneaky, sneaky ;). We decided to tell Grammie and PawPaw first since you were being named after PawPaw (and Daddy). To tell them, we wrapped up a large picture frame with 5 pictures… all pictures of each William George Bowdon (Your great-great grandfather (the first William George Bowdon), your great grandfather (William George Bowdon Jr.), Your PawPaw (William George Bowdon III), You daddy (William George Bowdon IV) and your ultrasound picture…William George Bowdon V! We saved the gift for last and let Grammie and PawPaw sit together and open it. At first they just thought it was pictures of the first 4 Willaim George’s, but it didn’t take them long to figure out there was a 5th picture, that it was you, and that meant we were having a BOY! They are so excited! They started to scream and PawPaw cried! It was so sweet! Later that night we had Gappy and Grandma over and had Hayley in a shirt that said “Big Sister to a Little Mister.” They saw the shirt and were so excited! We also called Nana to tell her, since she was out of town. Everyone could not be more excited to meet you and add a little boy to the family!


This pregnancy overall has been more difficult, but (from what the doctor says) it is typical. I am sore, more tired, my back hurts a lot and sleeping isn’t easy because I am uncomfortable. But I have very much enjoyed being pregnant! I love to feel you move! It is the most amazing feeling! You move so much, turning, kicking, and even hiccuping almost every day. With only four and a half weeks left, I am feeling very VERY preganat, but I am enjoying it so much and soaking up every minute of it before you get here. I can’t wait to meet you and see what you look like, kiss all over you and spoil you with tons of love! I am also so excited to see Hayley become a big sister! She loves babies and is starting to talk about “baby brother” more and more. You are already so blessed because you have an amazing family who already loves you so much!!!! We will see you around May 30th and we cant wait!

We love you!

Your mommy